Set Your Intentions for 2020

We're thrilled to launch our new Guest Blogger series for Curvy Couture! We asked U.S. Olympian & lover of all things plus size fashion Dawn Ellerbe what she's setting her intentions on for the new decade and how she plans to get there. 

A Decade of Love, that is what I intend for the 2020’s.  Radical, unapologetic, liberating self-love.  This relationship is about to be (and has been, as it is a journey) the most beautiful I have ever had, and it will be with myself.   

Here are our steps to setting your intention for the new decade:  

    1. Let Go

    Part of setting your intentions may be letting go.  Letting go of the PLAN, not to be confused with not planning, I’m talking about the grand master plan for your life, you know how we do…by 20 I should have this, and by 30 done this, and by 40 I should have it all figured out and by… I could go on and on. Let’s welcome this new decade and set our intentions without the limits of “our plans”. 

    When Curvy Couture asked me to be a part of this project, I started reflecting and began to panic. I felt I was nowhere near where I thought I would be at this point in life.  40-something, single (divorced) and yet to have children of my own.  I just knew (in my grand master plan) that I would spend my 20’s finishing college and grad school, training for the Olympics (not one team but two) and traveling the world competing.  I would spend my 30’s building my career, moving around the country and finding a place where I really wanted to settle down. Then spend my 40’s and 50’s raising my family all inside my white picket fence.  WELP… things did not work all the way out.   My twenties went pretty much as planned (didn’t make that second Olympic Team though, but I did get to see a lot of the world) my thirties started with a GREAT BIG piece of humble pie, and my career didn’t blow up the way I envisioned, but it’s on its way now. And the family? Well marriage the way I imagined it didn’t work outand now this single lady is trying to figure things out in whole new world.  

    Even after all that, life is still grand because I am still living, learning and loving and don’t plan on slowing down. 

    2. Be Specific 

    In setting your intentions I think its very important to be specific.  My intention is radical, unapologetic, liberating self-love, and the number one priority is to be kinder to myself. Not only with spa days and special treats, but really taking care of my mind, body and soul. Being kind with myself about the kind of energy I allow myself to receive and to emit. Kinder with myself in the comparison game as comparison can be the thief of joy. Of course, I want to be more, do more, see more and travel more, but I also want to be at peace knowing what is for me is for me and will not pass me by.   

    I intend to me kinder and more patience with my body. Regardless of her size, shape or appearance, I will recognize when she needs rest, proper nutrition, hydration, movement and moisture. 

     A gentle reminder for 2020: Be kinder to your soul. Burnout is real, emptiness is real, selflessness is real, and superwoman is a figment of someone’s imagination. My soul desires kindness, compassion and love and that is what I intend to give. We will replenish as necessary.  

    3. Be Open to Abundance

    In setting intentions try to be open to abundance.  You deserve all the goodness in the world Sis!  Don’t be afraid to allow yourself to dream.  Whatever it is, be focused on seeing, feeling and believing that not only can things happen but they will happen bigger than you imagined 

    This year I am dreaming of love in my life like I have never experienced before, a freeing love, a joyful love, a compassionate love, an accepting love.  I am also willing to share this love. I’m going to give it right back, and while a big part of my heart wants it to come with Mr. Right, it is not reserved for him.  It is a family love, a platonic love, a romantic love, but regardless of where it comes from family, friends or romance, I will not accept anything less.   We are demanding more of this new decade, no half ass relationships…period! 

    4. Show Gratitude 

    Let’s be grateful.  See the things you want as they have already happened and be thankful for them.  See yourself living your best life and thriving, see those around you pouring into you, see your life bigger than you could ever have imagined. 

    Setting Intentions is not easy, and we know it’s more than just writing your dreams and desires down in a pretty journal. We have to write them down, focus on them and LIVE them.  As we move into this new year and new decade, I wish you all the love, kindness and compassion your mind body and soul can handle…intentionally. 



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