Self love & being your best hype woman

We're thrilled to announce our next Guest Blogger for Curvy Couture! She's a singer, songwriter and creator of the Crippled is Beautiful Movement. Marna Michele shares her view on the buzzword Self love and how to be your biggest hype woman.

Self love. Love my self. I LOVE MYSELF. I like myself. At times I dislike myself. 

I feel ALL these things. Self love is such a weird concept...I don’t think it is just to love my body, and my stretch marks and my curves. It’s more then that. How can we claim we are self loving if we don’t like all of who we are? Even the bad and the negative. We aren’t built to be happy and confident and “self loving” one hundred percent of the time. There is more to us than what you can see on the outside.

I truly can sit here and say “I love myself” I really do. I can name off all the positive things quite easily. I love my confidence, my personality, my love for other humans, my outlook on life, and amongst all that I love my little, round, chunky, scar marked, hairy, disabled body.  I proclaim self love to this vessel that carries my soul. If I did not have this perfectly imperfect body I could not experience things, such as drinking a nice glass of wine, or laughing hysterically with my best friends, or making sweet love to my boyfriend. Our bodies offer so much more than we give them credit for. 

Unfortunately in our society everyone is so quick to judge, even though I love myself does not mean I don’t have my moments of self doubt. Insecurities are nothing to hide or be embarrassed by. I can still promote self love even at times I’m not feeling myself.  I can love my down falls and still want to “improve” myself without losing the self love I claim to have.  This is the concept that I think confuses most people. “How can you love yourself if you want to improve yourself?”  First off I hate that word “improve” I’m never trying to improve myself...I’m just trying to live as long as I possibly can. FOR MYSELF, not for men, or women, or anyone. Just for me. 

I am my biggest fan, I am my biggest hype woman. You may be wondering, “was she always like this?”  HELL NO.  High school me really deserved better, but  chubby 28 year old me gives no f@*cks, I proclaim self love and my self love does not have to match yours and yours does not have to match mine.

Once you get here, to this other side...of looking in the mirror and being like “this is what I got, and damn I’m great with that” you’ll experience utter and complete serenity. I accept all of me and simply don’t care if others do not. That is MY self love. 

Marna Michele


Ps. We hand selected these tunes to get you in the mood for love, whatever that means to you. Have fun, dance & relax. ♥️ 

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Wonderful post. Very helpful and inspiring. <3

Leslie Linder April 28, 2020

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