Spring 2014 Must Haves

Not sure where many of you are reading this from, but I am writing to you from the very cold and very snowy Northeast. Needless to say, I am tired of this weather and the attire that comes with it. I was starting to get depressed from all this gloomy weather and I thought to myself....”Self you need something to look forward to, you need SPRING!” I can’t wait for the bright colors, light weight fabric open toe shoes and of course the SUN!

Before I get too excited, I need to make sure I am prepared. I need to make sure my closet is ready with the latest trends. The easiest way for me to do this, is with a little research, my checklist, and my wallet. I compiled a list of must haves for this Spring, based on my research. Hope my wallet cooperates.


Already I’m in trouble, I don’t have anything for this must have. From moto jackets, to dresses they are everywhere. Soft shades of blue, pink, mint and peach just to name a few. Paired with neutrals, metallics or white and you’re good to go.


Now I’m getting somewhere. The relaxed look is in; Straight-leg, wide-leg or high-rise just find the right cut and details for you. I have a pair of slashed boyfriend jeans in a light wash, I suppose I need a distressed pair, maybe a darker wash, hmmm......


It’s being called the embellishment of the season. On skirts, shirts, boots and jackets, there’s something for the bohemian in you or the 1920’s flapper. I personally cant see myself following this trend, but with the right piece, you never know.


Floral lace and embroidery add a ladylike twist to everything from dresses to sweatshirts. I like this trend, cotton tee with lace and jeans will be cute. Or a pretty floral lace dress...OOH maybe I’ll get a pastel floral lace dress and take care of two trends in one! Underneath it all, try Curvy Couture’s Matte & Shine T-Shirt Bra in nude for smooth curves that don’t show through and detract from the look.


I hope my pleated maxi still counts??? Delicate pleating brings a feminine vibe to dresses, skirts and tops. Just don’t wear a pleated top and bottom, together.


Varsity inspired looks are of the moment. Sporty tops, sneaker and bags in bright hues with added perforated accents and more for an athletic look. I’m glad I have tons of sneakers, but I really do need a varsity jacket to wear with them.


Glad it works well with high-waisted pieces, or else, not happening. I can see myself wearing a simple crop top with my skinny pleated maxi....Always thinking!! I’ll quickly fill you in on accessories, shoes, and make-up!

Bucket Bags- neutrals or bold brights I know I have one somewhere.

Mules- They’re back! Textures, prints or other details, you can’t go wrong. I really like the peep toe version.

Peep-Toe Booties- I was onto something with the peep toe mules! Sexy laces, edgy mesh and suede make these must haves stand out.

Pointy Pumps- Not just black!! Patterns, studs, embossing and more make classic styles feel playful yet sophisticated.

Make Up- I love make-up so I’m good in this department, whew!!!

Blue Hues- Aquas and cobalts are on trend; try it as a shadow or liner.

Metallic Nails- I’m not so good in this department, but I’m trying! I would love to be able to show off the awesome silver, gold, and copper polishes on the market.

Orange Lips- works on every skin tone and is chic yet playful. Glad I don’t have to wait until summer to wear mine!

Hope my list helps you update your Spring wardrobe. I have to go shopping now!

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