The Look of Real Curvy Panties

I have always been a curvy woman and proud of it too! One of the issues that I persistently remember having when shopping for curvy panties over the years was finding pairs of panties that fit and were comfortable, but weren’t sold as part of a five pack. You know which ones I’m talking about! The all-cotton, neutral toned underwear that some would be tempted to call ‘granny panties’. While there was nothing wrong with these underwear, I couldn’t help but feel so unfashionable and restricted when it came to what I wanted out of a panty.

But, I don’t have to feel this way anymore and I don’t even have to look at those bulk packs of curvy underwear that were such an eyesore. With the help of Curvy Couture, fashion seems to have gravitated to curves in a big way, and getting underwear that is sexy, fun, comfortable and actually matches bras is easier than ever.

For instance, one could never have dreamed of finding underwear like the Peacock Crystal Hipster in a department store, especially with the awesome added tummy support feature.

Curvy Couture Peacock Crystal Hipster Panty

And, the sweet and sexy feel of the French Floral Embroider Hipster was once a far off dream for most curvy girls.

Curvy Couture French Floral Embroider Hipster Panty

Do you ever remember those five packs of underwear carrying anything with animal print? Me either! But now, I have a drawer with two different types of animal print underwear, the Animal Skin Lace Tanga and the Animal Skin Boyshort.

Curvy Couture Animal Skin Lace Tanga Panty

Curvy Couture Animal Skin Boyshort Panty

I feel like up until I discovered Curvy Couture, I didn’t really know what real curvy underwear looked and felt like. Curvy panties that make us excited to show off our curves and to have fun with what we wear should never have taken so long. These are real underwear, and once you put any one of their dozens of colors and styles on, you too are going to know what you’ve been missing. So, next time you need to restock your lingerie drawer, ditch the five pack and go couture with your curves!

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