What’s the Right Kind of Bra for Your Favorite T-Shirt

Perhaps one of my biggest personal peeves is when I put on my favorite bra in the morning, the one with the sexy lace trim, and then pick out a shirt only to find that the seams and outlines of the lace can be seen through the shirt. Ugh! This not only leaves me bummed about having to change again, but leave me questioning which should I actually wear for the day, the new shirt or the favorite bra?

While this hasn’t happened to me in quite some time, I have to admit that I felt like I hadn’t yet learned what the right kind of curvy bra was appropriate for what I was wearing. Now, with more curvy choices than ever, my options have increased and I have finally learned what bra goes with what shirt. Take a look!

For my regular cotton t-shirts, worn on Saturdays cleaning the house or taking the kids to soccer practice, I wear a traditional t-shirt bra that most closely matches my shirt in color. Cotton is one of the many fabrics that will show any types of seams, detailing or lines of a bra, so simple and comfortable is always best.

Curvy Couture Matte & Shine T-Shirt Bra

On hot summer days I will occasionally throw on a sweet spaghetti strap shirt that can keep me cool, but still looking like I tried to get dressed for the day. Because no one wants to see my bra straps anymore, I pair my tanks and thin straps with a strapless bra that fits comfortably and supports well. Finding the right fit of strapless bra is important so that you can avoid the annoyance of constantly picking it up throughout the day.

Curvy Couture Strapless Sensation Multi-Way Push Up Bra

For shirts that have a plunging neckline, depending on the material, I will wear bras that have a plunging front to them. Again, depending on the color of the shirt I can sometimes get away with prints or bright colors.

Curvy Couture Perfect Plunge Bra

Curvy Couture Perfect Plunge Bra Print

Finally, for those nights out or days where I just feel like looking a little more glamorous, and my shirt isn’t rather clingy, I will wear something lace, embroidery or jeweled.

Curvy Couture Bra

Curvy Couture Embroidery Bra

Now, think about the types, colors and styles of shirts and dresses that you wear the most. You want to have suitable curvy bras that you can pair with all of the shirts in your closet, especially those that you like to wear the most. Remember that the right bra will not only support you and feel comfortable, but will let you wear your favorite shirts and still feel like a supermodel.

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