BCA with Professional Football Players Mothers Association

This October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Curvy Couture decided to try something new. We joined forces with an amazing group of women from the PFPMA (Professional Football Players Mothers Association) with the hopes of supporting a great cause and raising awareness for Breast Cancer screenings, and education. 

PFPMA is a non-profit service organization dedicated to educating, supporting and informing mothers about the business of professional football, supporting charitable causes and the communities throughout America.  An inspiring group of women from the Southern Regional are participating in the Komen Miami / Ft. Lauderdale Race for the Cure Walk on October 14, 2017 under the team God’s Favor.

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We took some time to chat with these amazing ladies as they prepare for the big day’s event, of course sporting bras from Curvy Couture’s Sports Bra Collection!

CC: We are so excited to be supporting the Southern Regional PFPMA team, God’s Favor. Can you tell us a bit about who will be participating?


PFPMA: PFPMA Super Moms, including: Dionne Pollock (Son: Trey Walker WR Baltimore Ravens (deceased)), Sabrina Butler (Son: Darius Butler DB - Indianapolis Colts), Shirley Robinson (Son: Joshua Robinson DB - Tampa Bay Buccaneers), Pamela Reynolds (Son:   Ed Rannell Reynolds II, free agent.), Morgan Overstreet-Trapp (Son: Johnny Maxey DE - Pittsburgh Steelers), Sandra Atkins (Son: Geno Atkins DT - Cincinnati Bengals). We also have 12 other teams members; Rosie, Kendra, Debra, Kenisha, Davivian, Maria, Meagan, Edia, Dashon, Alicia, and Denise.


CC: When was the Professional Football Players Mothers Association (PFPMA) founded and why? 


PFPMA: The organization was formed by 15 phenomenal mothers who wanted to promote a positive image of their sons, who just happen to be NFL Athletes.  It was determined that there were no mechanism to provide information to mothers whose sons were new to the NFL.  The organization is a support system for our sons and also serves and strengthens our communities through charitable giving.   The organization celebrated its 20th anniversary and our annual pre-season conference in July.  We attend games, we cheer, we cry, we are their protectors; but most of all we are caring mothers who want the best for our sons on and off the field.  

CC: An inspiring message and organization!


CC: Why did you decide to put together a team and participate in the Komen Miami/Fort Lauderdale Race For The Cure?

Curvy Couture Confident Fit Wire Free Sports Bra PFPMA Breast Cancer Awareness


PFPMA: This year PFPMA joined forces with Member Dionne Pollack team to form a super team.  We are walking in memory of mothers who lost their battle and those still battling cancer.  Cancer has touched us all in some way and we want to eradicate this dreadful disease.   

CC: An important message that we want to bring more attention to this month and beyond.

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CC: Your team must be planning fro the big day. What is on you “must have” gear list when participating in a Race For The Cure Run/Walk?   


PFPMA: A sun visor or hat is vital in the intense South Florida sun.  One must also have a water bottle, as hydration is a must!  Last but not least, an exceptionally comfortable sports bra from Curvy Couture along with stylish shock-absorbed shoes!


CC: Can we mention that your team is wearing several styles during the race? Ladies have selected from Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports Bra, Zip Fit Underwire Sports Bra, and the Confident Fit Wire Free Sports Bra


CC: Any favorite mom tips to share with readers? 

PFPMA: Always support your Children in pursuit of their dreams.  Adapt a healthy lifestyle and live life to its fullest, enjoying where you are on life’s journey.


CC: Thank you for sharing your mission and best of luck during the Komen Miami / Ft. Lauderdale Race for the Cure Walk. Those that would like to support your cause can find out more information here.

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