We’ll let you in on a small secret: often we wear a killer athletic look and we’re not even going to workout!  Sometimes we run our errands or hang with friends in a long tank top or T-shirt over a sports bra, topped with a zip-up jacket, and paired with some cute sneakers.

Noticing how great it feels to go on a long walk, take a yoga class, or try some Zumba, we decided to put our much loved athletic look to work.  The athleisure trend is still the rage and there are lots of great options for creating that sophisticated ensemble that’s perfect for some exercise.  Here are some of our favorite tips that we’ve been keeping secret – until now.

Curvy Couture Confident Fit Wire Free Sports Bra


Nothing is more important for your workout than the right sports bra. It needs to be the foundation of your workout gear because it will be the one piece that works the hardest to keep you feeling confident.  Finding the right size bra doesn’t have to be a grueling task.  Find a style that is comfortable.  You’ll know that you have a good fit if everything looks like it says in place and is covered.  Check that you have coverage on the sides, almost like a second skin. There’s an easy to use fit guide here.

Curvy Couture Zip Fit Underwire Sports Bra


Today’s gym equipment is high-tech your clothes should be too. Look for materials and designs that feature advanced technologies. For example, the Ultimate Fit Underwire Sports Bra features no bounce cups and breathable mesh panels.  The Confident Fit Wire Free features molded contour cups that are engineered with zone compression to support high impact activities.  Be sure to check that your sports bra has moisture wicking fabric to keep you cool and dry. No matter how cute your outfit is, too much sweat will ruin it!


If you put on that brilliant gym outfit and feel good about it, you are in the right frame of mind and are motivated.  You’re ready to set your goal and accomplish it. Telling yourself “it’s the gym, who cares” and putting on a stained t-shirt and old shorts most likely won’t help you feel confident that you can take on that new yoga pose or anything else.  

@curvyelle in Curvy Couture Zip Fit Underwire Sports Bra


Stay away from oversized and baggy fitting athletic wear. Maybe you feel more camouflaged, you won't be using your full potential!  Oversized clothes won’t hide anything and probably will cause you to have an accident on the equipment by getting stuck on handles and the like.  

It’s also a workout snafu to wear a sports bra that is way too tight.  A good sports bra will offer support -- not stop you from breathing!  If we still haven’t convinced you, try layering.  It’s also good option when you want to avoid overheating on the Stairmaster since layering allows you to cool down or warm up depending on how you feel.


Simple sophistication is best when putting together the ultimate glam gym look.  Don’t over do it with colors and wild prints.  Trust us, what might look good in the store on the hanger can be tough to pair with the rest of your gear.  Stick to neutral like black or gray which you will find will look great without a lot of effort. One of our favorites is the Zip Fit Underwire, because it looks awesome as a top on a hot summer day and also as a layered piece under a zip sweatshirt. And if you really can’t resist those neon pink sneakers with yellow laces, it will still offer a great look.

Remember, whether grabbing a mocha latte or trying a new Zumba class, a glam gym look can be “no sweat”.

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