Every day is Mother's Day

Every day is Mother’s Day! Let’s be honest, motherhood looks different for everyone -- especially during a pandemic. It can be challenging to navigate each day, but it is a true testament to our mommy strengths and weaknesses. And as always, we push through and get things done...remember giving up that favorite cocktail for 9 months?

This Mother’s Day, we asked moms from our Curvy Community to share what they LOVE about being a mom. Let’s take a look at what they had to say about their favorite bras too.  After all, we’re here to support you in any way that we can (pun definitely intended).

@toriiblock  Plus size style + body positive expert & soon-to-be mom of two 

"My favorite thing about being a mom is the unconditional love that I have for my son and receiving that love in return. It’s like feeling the sun from both sides. It’s an extraordinary feeling that I never knew was possible until I gave birth. A love this strong has motivated me to be the best version of myself that I can be, and has grounded me in ways that have surprised myself. Motherhood is my purpose, and it’s been a catalyst for so much good that has surrounded our lives as a family."

"My all time favorite bra is the Cotton Luxe Unlined Wire Free Bra. It’s the comfiest bra I’ve ever worn and has saved me during my pregnancy. It’s the only bra I can wear all day with zero pain on my back. Plus, it’s so soft, great quality, and comes in multiple colors."


@l.a.momma photographer & single mom of two

"I love the constant snuggles, questions, jokes, rebuttals and looks my kids give me. Watching them become who they are is the most beautiful thing to witness. I love noticing the differences and similarities between both my kids. I love how much they make me laugh. The surprises on a daily keep life exciting for sure. I love how I am always getting to know myself more while being in this role, and how I make myself better to be better for them. Motherhood is (fucking) crazy, in all the ways imaginable, but I would do it all over again and again." 

"I have a couple of favorite Curvy styles!! The Smooth Strapless Multi-Way is hands down the best strapless bra I have ever owned! The lining to it truly supports the hold. Another one of my favorites is the Crochet Lace Halter! The comfiest bra to wear when you want to be comfortable, but still want a great hold and cleavage."


@grimydiapers founder of LA’s premier music blog, content creator & mother

"The best part about being a mama is seeing my daughter happy, and hearing her giggle uncontrollably. That kind of pure joy is contagious and just warms my heart. She fills my husband and I with so much love. Neither of us knew a love like this before. For me, a parent’s love is the greatest love of all. "

"My fave bra is the one I’m currently wearing: the Cotton Luxe Unlined Underwire. So damn cozy and flattering!​"


@thealexishenry Model, Podcast Creator, & mother

"The best part about being a mom is seeing my daughter happy. Knowing that she feels safe and secure to be herself let’s me know I’m doing my job right. She teaches me confidence, perseverance, and reminds me to always do my best --  just as I do for her.

"My fav Curvy Couture bras are anything from the Tulip Push Up Collection. They always fit so well, and the strappy tulip looks so cute under dresses for a layered or extra look."

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