Self Care & The Tulip Lace Push Up Bra

The meaning of self care has shifted for many of us over the course of five weeks.

Lately, it’s either super early in the a.m. or when both kids are asleep, depending on which battle I want to choose. They are the one’s I’m grateful for.

It sounds cliché but I’m appreciating the little things, the details. Time is moving slower, which gives me time to invest in myself. Getting dressed and wearing makeup hasn’t happened in over 5 weeks, but you’re sure as hell I’m putting on a pretty bra once in a while. Why not? I love it.

Take a look at the bra that inspired a whole collection. The Tulip Lace Push Up Bra. Pay attention to the design, inside and out. 


We’ve reinvented what it means to "push up" with our Natural Lift Pad that doesn’t add extra volume. 

My post-breastfeeding girls appreciate it. I love the scallop lace straps; they look good exposed on an off-the-shoulder top too. They're pretty and comfortable. One day I’ll style this under a wrap dress and show the lace peek through, like the lovely Mindy.

The thoughtfulness of this concept literally travels back to France. Inspired by the Parisian balconies, “the scrolls in the lace mimic that of the many wrought-iron balconies of Paris." When you invest in a black lace bra, remember this one. 

7 years ago if you told me that a bra could help improve my posture, I wouldn’t have believed you. I remember going to the chiropractor as a teen (with my DD bosoms), they explained the reason why my back hurt all the time is due to the weight of my bust. I was in tears, immediately felt ashamed of my body. It took a while to unlearn that and be comfortable in my skin.

Years later, I now understand the right bra and fit can help alleviate back pain and posture. How? The band is doing 80% of the support. The straps of the bra are only there to adjust to your shape.

Fast forward to today, I’ve been living in Curvy’s Cotton Luxe Wire-Free bra while working from home. I tried to go bra-less as a test to see if it was possible. It was not. Someone commented about how working from home has allowed them to go bra-less, which we applaud! But had to share our truth as well.

As a self care, time to myself moment - I went for a Target necessity run last week, had my mask and gloves ready. Dressed to head out when suddenly realized, I don’t want to wear this bra. I want to wear my Tulip Lace Push Up bra. Even if it’s just to the store, I want to feel my best underneath.

Then it hit me, the Tulip Lace Push Up really is that, a self care bra. A multi-functional, honest quality, cute lacy bra. If I could give one to every human to try on, I would. It's that profound. 


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