Together we gave our $250K in grants to female owned businesses

We're helping female business owners survive & THRIVE through Covid-19 with help from the amazing Nell Merlino of Count Me In and our sister brand Smart & Sexy 

It’s tough out there for business owners to persevere through this challenging business climate brought on by COVID-19. The murder of George Floyd and too many others, the injustice, the protests are all rapidly changing why, how, and when we are doing business. We could all use more than encouraging words right now. 

Curvy Couture has always been a champion of women owned businesses and right now they're facing real questions like how do I get my customers back? What is the safest way for me to reopen my company to protect my employed, customers and all of our families? How can I show up as a leader in my business and community during the pandemic and protests?

With Count Me In we created grants for business that need it most. There were 15 grants available at $10K and 4 grants available at $25K each. 

The response was overwhelming with 2200 female-owned businesses expressed interest in applying, resulting in 444 business submitting applications and 41 of those business were selected as finalists. 


Tiffany Jinez Davis ($25K) Context & Co. is a creative direction studio that partners with brands and founders to tell their stories with strategy, soul and style.


Mary A Gordon ($25K) IMPEL Professional Consulting, LLC is an Atlanta-based technology company offering complete end-to-end integrated solutions!  

Dawn Brown & Kimberly Grant ($25K) Math-A-Matics Tutoring LLC is an in-home math help and online math tutoring in Houston and the surrounding areas. 


Stacy Kirk ($25K) QualityWorks Consulting Group, LLC helps organizations to solve their most difficult digital challenges and deliver quality solutions that provide the greatest value to their customers. 


Brenda Garard ($10K) 180 Comprehensive Veteran Services provides knowledge of veterans' education benefits and assistance programs, benefiting both veterans and family members. 

Jeanne "Genie" Emory ($10K) Bra Genie is a magical place that helps women of all shapes and sizes look and feel their absolute best! 

Elsie Lindborg ($10K) Brand Pride is a lesbian owned, LGBTQ certified branding solutions company guiding brands on their quest for the best promotional items to achieve their goals of building brand loyalty. 


Jenny Poon ($10K) CO+HOOTS is a purpose-driven co-working workspace, with an inclusive culture that increases productivity, facilities collaborations and is a space space to get work done or launch new ideas.

Sharen Eddings ($10K) Codewithsharen LLC offers virtual & distance learning coding lessons. 

Anne Corona ($10K) Corona Family Farms Inc. is a second-generation farming family and has been serving the Central Coast in agriculture, farming and distribution for mote than 30 years. 

Tobi Kosanke ($10K) Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry Products provides shelter, care and a lifetime home to rescued, abused, abandoned, surrendered and homeless poultry, livestock, and other animals; to prevent animal cruelty by supporting and promoting animal welfare education, and to support local, national and international animal welfare organizations.

Hasina Echoles ($10K) Global Speech and Rehab Services offers contract services to provide speech therapy for students with a variety of communication disorders.


Jenette Goldstein ($10K) Jenette Bras fits each customer personally from Los Angeles' widest selection of D-K bras.

Melissa Booth ($10K) New Age Wellness is an every day spa destination featuring hydro-massages, float therapy spas, infrared saunas, and more.


Pamela Wu ($10K) Pamela I. Wu OD Inc. offers professional eye care services in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Nadine Vogel ($10K) Springboard Consulting LLC is the leading expert on marketing to people with disabilities and their families in the consumer space, effectively recruiting individuals with disabilities to the workforce and appropriately supporting the disability community in the workplace. 


Nicole Christie ($10K) The Christie Law Firm LLC provides assistance for faith-based organizations, families and children.


LaTeasha Gaither-Davis ($10K) Therapeutic Focus, LLC is a comprehensive pediatric outpatient facility established to address the developmental and clinical needs of both children and young adults in Crittenden County and the surrounding areas.

Courtney Anderson ($10K) Vibe Ride enables and empowers its members to define fitness for themselves by building a fitness community dedicated to consistent improvement in an open, supportive and dynamic environment offering a range of classes, including pound, barre and indoor cycling for all fitness levels.

If you missed this grant, join Count Me In mailing list to learn about future opportunities. Visit the website at:


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