Looking Ahead to Love Month

The month of love is here and while Valentine’s Day has passed, I know there’s lots of us either figuring out what else to do for the remainder of the month, or maybe even looking for a special person to be that future Valentine. No matter what Valentine’s Day means to you, I see it as a celebration of love. Love is a wonderful thing and while it’s great to show your love for others, it’s also important to take the time to love yourself. For example, beyond the holiday, there’s a lot going on for me right now. I’ve got the regular school, work, and home responsibilities and I took on an extra job for nine hours a week and am also updating my apartment with new furniture and wall fixtures. Needless to say, sometimes it’s hard for me to take time for myself.


As a result, something I’ve recently taken up is staring into space. I’m not kidding. It sounds weird but staring into space for a little while really relaxes me. It’s a few minutes a day where I’m not rushing from one task to the next, feeling guilty for not working more, or looking at a phone or computer screen. Taking a little time when I’m feeling weary to just sit and do nothing really helps me refocus and get back to business with a clear mind. Now this makes sense because I’m essentially meditating. And this is something lots of professionals recommend to relieve stress and help busy people keep their cool. This is just one way that I find to relax but there are lots of others too. Another fabulous remedy for a tired mind and body is pampering yourself. Getting a nice massage or mani-pedi might be just the thing to remind you how special you are. Or if you’d prefer to relax at home, taking a long, hot bath with some Fleur de Lavande or Lemon Verbena bath salts by Curvy Couture would be perfect. Also, I’m not saying I’m a shopping addict but there is also something about buying some new clothes or a piece of jewelry that just makes me feel happy. And in case you are going to be celebrating Valentine’s Days with a special someone, why not buy something you can both enjoy? Some lingerie from Curvy Couture’s Animal Attraction Collection could be just the thing to make both you and your partner feel great! So what do you think you’ll be doing to celebrate the month of love? Something relaxing? Adventurous? Sexy? Share below (if you dare!)

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