Valentine's Day is Under Your Control!

V Day is just around the corner. The clock is ticking. What are you doing about it? Valentine’s Day is no time to be shy! Every year it’s the same thing: flowers and maybe some candy. Or maybe it’s candy and flowers. Who needs that? Don’t’ get me wrong. Flowers and candy are nice. At least he remembered, right? But flowers fade and the candy disappears all too quickly. Then what? It’s time to make Valentine’s Day memorable again. After all, Valentine’s Day should be special. It should be romantic and intimate...a day that will live in your heart forever. Best of all, you should get a gift you actually want. What you really crave is getting some fabulous lingerie that makes you feel beautiful and desirable. You want the wonderfully romantic and sexy night that will be sure to follow.


I know. You have left him hints…but what you will get is still left very much open to chance. He will probably get the size wrong. Forget about the color. It’s going to be either red of black and will generally look a bit sinister. You really don’t see yourself as a dominatrix. What you wanted was to look beautiful. Now you’ll have to pretend that his gift is perfect when it’s not. It’s time to take control of Valentine’s Day. You should take the lead and create the Valentine’s Day, or rather, the Night of your dreams. Think of it as a gift you both will appreciate. He gets to enjoy you and an unforgettable night. You get to have loads of fun along with keeping some incredible lingerie that actually fits and looks perfect on you. Without even realizing it, you have already taken the first step. Your reading a blog that is smack in the middle of an amazing lingerie web-site: Curvy Couture. Have you really taken a good look at everything? I don’t know how can you resist? There are amazing colors, opulent embroideries, luscious laces and wild animal prints. The best part is that you know the fit will be ideal for you and enhance every luscious curve of your body. You can knock his socks off with confidence. The hard part will be picking the perfect style and color. You know what he likes but best of all, and just as importantly, you already know what you like. It’s going to be perfect. The next step is killer easy. It won’t take much convincing when you tell him you want to stay in that night. Get rid of all the distractions. Turn off those irritating cell phones. Send the kids to their grandparents for their own fun Valentine’s celebration. You have to prepare (or buy) something amazing to eat. Make sure it is something you can feed to each other. It should be something you have never had before or maybe something you know that he can’t resist. The wine will be sparkling. The lights and the music will be sweet and low. The mood: perfectly romantic. Pretty soon it will be time to unwrap your present to you both. When you switch it up and take control you can be sure that you both enjoy this very special evening. He will get a gift that shows him that you truly care. You will get the gift of being truly appreciated. All that great new lingerie doesn't hurt either. Besides it will make it easier to have Valentine’s Day more than once a year. Keep romance in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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