We're in this together

Working from home with two kids? Never heard of her but intimately getting to know her. I mentioned this to our VP of sales & Marketing (Evora Russell) who is also a mom of two - on how we're not equipped for times like these and have to adjust. Swiftly, calmly and mindfully. Here's our tips on how we're getting through this new transition.  


The comfort of working from home.  

If we're going to be here a while, might as well make it cozy. Cozy socks, soft robe and my slippers all day, even while making lunch. Not to mention our Cotton Luxe Wire-Free bra to give me the support I need. 2 of 4 out of us were actually wearing our wire-free during yesterday’s Zoom call. 😂


Contribute to our collaborative playlist!  

Music is healing. Its mood changing, can lift the spirits and even inspire a dance break. Join us by adding in your favorite songs that keep you calm; make you want to bust a move or sing out loud. Our Spotify Playlist is collaborative so just drag your song in there and we'll be listening together. 😊 


Online resources for moms with kids. 

Set up virtual playdates! It helps keep your kids socialize and not feel so isolated. You'll notice a change in their mood after. Do this with family too, we're all in this together! 

I have an 8 year old and she loves to draw, came across this YouTube page from another mom and said it's brought lots of joy to her kids. They teach you how to draw fun things, check them out here

Thanks to the digital age, there are live online classes for ages 3-18! Not to mention Olaf from 'Frozen' will read to your kids, virtually.  

If you want some non-digital interaction, check out this giant list of ideas for being home with kids. 


Self-care when you can. 

This includes putting on a face mask while writing emails, 15 min meditation break, or finally order that Gua Sha or Jade roller from Amazon. Apps like Longwalks are refreshing as they prompt guided conversations and journaling which helps during the high stress times we’re in.  

Notable mention: a Netflix 3rd party app has launched 'Party Mode' which allows to sync viewing with others. 


Support Small Biz. 

Supporting them at a time like this goes a very long way. 

EverybodyLosAngeles is an inclusive body positive community ran by POC (people of color) & queer teachers. They offer $5 virtual classes that include everything from Barre, Zumba, Yoga and more. Check it out!

Ps. If you want to stretch the food in your pantry and freezer, order takeout or delivery from local restaurants. They need us now more than ever, checkout dine L.A. for more LA eats that you can enjoy safely at home. 


Bring the concert to you!  

A lot of musicians are going live and performing for us digitally. Love to see it! When the weekend rolls in - look up your favorite artist, dj or performer on Facebook.

Look for their 'Lives', play them back and make a drink! Your sanctuary is about to get next level, adjust and have fun. Here is one we just came across that made our morning more upbeat. 

Related to bringing the views to your four walls, 12 famous museums are offering virtual tours! 

Lastly, if you go out for anything, please be mindful. We need to spread kindness at all times necessary; showing compassion while helping out one another. It will go a long way. 

You are part of our community; we are stronger together. For the weeks to come, we hope our Instagram and other social channels can bring a spark of joy and inspiration during this time.  Stay safe, stay inside and please feel free to reach out via email, DM, etc. and share your thoughts. We are here for you. 

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