What Was I Thinking?

Okay...I just lost a few pounds (again) and my bras felt a little loose. Besides, it was time for me to take a little of my own advice and freshen up my lingerie wardrobe because a couple of my own bras certainly had been in rotation just a little too long. So I decided to go bra shopping. I know what you're saying right now...”you write a blog for Curvy Couture what the ___ are you thinking? Take it from me; rationalization can be a dangerous thing. Let's just say I wanted to check out the competition. I wanted to see what else was out there. Or we could just say, I wanted what I thought would be instant gratification. Whatever the thought process; I found myself in my car driving to our local mall. First mistake. So I'm at the mall. Where to go? So I look at one of the major department stores. They should have a great selection, right? Walking into a gigantic lingerie department can be pretty intimidating. Where to start? I look for help. Not a sales person to be seen. It’s just me and thousands of bras of every make, style and color but there is no one around to help me narrow the choices. Hey, I know a lot about bra styles and how they should fit. I can do this! Walking from fixture to fixture I notice that every manufacture has a different definition of what they are selling. They even have different sizing systems that have nothing to do with band width or cup size. Frankly, it got confusing fast. But I persevered. Second mistake.


After walking around the department several times like a tiger stalking her prey, I began to accumulate an armful of bras. Remember, I had just lost 5 pounds, so was I ready to drop down a bra size as well? Multiple styles...multiple sizes...multiple colors in tow; I am ready for the dressing room. Good luck there. NOT! After several attempts I finally find a room with a door that locks. Forget about finding a dressing room that is free from the debris of all the miss-tries from earlier hapless shoppers. To me a good lock trumps unresolved go-backs any day so in I go. The first thing I learned was that 5 pounds was not enough to warrant a size change. Reality restored I went on to learn that one brand's 38D does not equate to another manufacturer's 38D. In one, my cups ran over, in another seemingly same sized option I experienced gapping. What's up with that? They couldn't hold me in at the sides. My back-fat was more prevalent than normal. The next one cut off my circulation. This was certainly not going to be as easy as I thought. Having run through the first dozen or so alternatives with none working, I find myself in a dilemma. Do I give up or go back out to the floor for more? Well I'm no quitter. Third mistake. Looking for more options with no sales person in sight means I have to get dressed again and go back out to the floor. This time I am much for selective. After all, I learned so much from my first marathon try-on session. Making what I think are a few discriminating choices I head back to my old dressing room which is now, of course, occupied. What to do? More hopes dashed with each new try or do I quit now? I've already been in that stupid lingerie department for over an hour. I look at my watch and look down at the few possibilities in my arms. Well, it looks like I am, after all, a quitter. I could not get out of that department or mall fast enough. Now all I have to do is find my car. Car found. I am back home, eagerly awaiting my delivery from Curvy Couture. Curvy knows what fits me and what I need. I can't wait. What was I thinking?

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